Se autoworks is proud to announce that we are now agents for pro-tune ECU remapping!

Remapping (or rechipping) can dramatically improve your vehicles performance and economy, especially on modern turbo diesel vehicles.

Manufacturers usually restrict power on car and light commercial vehicles, often due to specific model and marketing criteria. There is usually a substantial increase in power and torque available which puts no additional stress on vehicle systems, provided the vehicle is in good mechanical order. For example, a golf mk5 tdi can have the standard 140bhp safely increased to over 180bhp, with an appreciable gain in low down torque and improved economy!

Calling on our experience with tuned vehicles, we differ from our competitors by carrying out essential pre-checks on the vehicle prior to carrying out any tuning work. Any faults found are brought to your attention, and only when we are satisfied with the vehicles condition do we carry out the remap. Our remaps start from as little as £199.00.

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