Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

SE Autoworks are fully trained and certified to maintain and repair the air conditioning system on your car or light commercial vehicle. We can re-gas your air conditioning from  £70.00 for a drive in/out service. It is necessary to periodically (normally every 2 years) service the air conditioning system to prevent water from accumulating in the system, which can lead to reduced efficiency and component failure. The service includes removing the refrigerant from the system and placing it under a vacuum to remove the water and moisture, we then replenish the system with fresh refrigerant and fully test the operation after. It is advisable to have the pollen/cabin filter checked and replaced as necessary to ensure maximum efficiency. We can carry out system flushing and anti-bacterial protection where necessary.

As with any other vehicle system faults can occur with air conditioning systems regardless of how well maintenance has been carried out, here at SE Autoworks we have the knowledge and expertise to solve any problems your air conditioning system may have. Please contact us for further details.

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